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Engineered Timber Flooring Available

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With a plastic surface layer that can be easily wiped clean, laminate flooring is fairly low maintenance. Regular sweeping and occasional mopping is generally all it takes to care for either laminate or engineered engineered laminate flooring timber floors. For both flooring types, it is imperative that any spills be wiped up immediately. Instead, when the top layer of the floor is damaged or worn out, all you can do is to replace the planks.
We are specialists in the manufacturing and installation of any wood flooring. Get a free Quote or View our extensive range of wooden floor products. You can search all over town for flooring companies having a fire sale or for reclaimed hardwood boards in a jarrah, spotted gum, or oak timber flooring sale. Melbourne customers can save themselves time and hassle, however, when they call into the Floor Depot’s Preston showroom.

Some cheaper engineered flooring products have very thin veneers, which can lead to warping and damage. All three types have specific strengths and weaknesses which make them suitable for different uses. Making the wrong choice for your lifestyle can lead to unnecessary damage and a shortened life for your floor, so it’s worth understanding the difference. High-quality laminate flooring is certainly not a drawback when it comes to marketing a home.
The top layer is a photographic layer which is designed to mimic the look you’re going for i.e. hardwood, bamboo, knotted wood, etc. Laminate planks are typically 3/8” thick and are installed using a tongue and groove locking system, meaning you can install or uninstall with ease. Some high-quality engineered wood can be resurfaced, although not nearly as much as solid wood flooring – it depends how thick the veneer is. Generally the thickness of prefinished floating engineered timber floors is between 10mm and 17mm. In general terms, the thicker the product the more stable it is and less susceptible to movement such as bowing, twisting and cupping.

Wood flooring provides, a hardwearing, practical surface that will age gracefully – choose solid, engineered, or laminate boards to add characterful appeal to your floor. We offer a vast range of wood flooring options for you to choose from. You really can have the cheap oak timber flooring that you have been dreaming of, without sacrificing on style or quality.
However, as a floor covering, timber has the potential for damage and wear during the construction process. This issue can be minimised, or even eliminated, if the installation process is deferred to the end of construction. A good install team can install up to 200m2 a day, meaning an average job may be finished in one day. The thickness of the wear layer determines whether or not you can rejuvenate the floor after a period of time by re-sanding and finishing the floor.
Being water-proof is the most important difference between hybrid flooring and engineered timber which makes hybrid flooring the first choice for wet areas as it is 100% waterproof. Laminate has become a viable option for people wanting the charm of floorboards without the hefty price tag. Innovations mean it's becoming increasingly difficult to tell the difference between real timber and faux timber.

If you are ordering online and can’t make it into a Floor Depot showroom, then you can order a sample prior to purchase to ensure that the product will meet your requirements and match your style. We all know that there really is no such thing as cheap oak flooring. Even reclaimed boards can be incredibly expensive, and finding them in the quantity that you want is near impossible.
Since it is thicker and glued down, engineered hardwood does not have an issue with flexing. It may also feel a bit harder underfoot as it is unusual for engineered timber to be installed over a foam underlayment. Laminate flooring is the clear winner in terms of affordability. Not only is it cheaper per square metre, laminate also offers the advantage of potential DIY installation, meaning even bigger savings when compared to engineered hardwood.

All variations are normal and not considered defects, therefore will not be covered under warranty. We offer high quality flooring with the latest technologies and features.We offer flooring that are aesthetically pleasing, durable and easy to clean and are great value for money. Engineered timber flooring thickness varies from 12mm up to 21mm.
Choose the tint and realistic woodgrain finish that suits your home and style and start enjoying the benefits of durable vinyl laminate flooring today. Why pay more for vinyl laminate flooring, when you can find an impressive range of bargain flooring at our Melbourne clearance outlet? We’re constantly updating our range with new and exciting styles, so you can benefit from the very latest in flooring technology without paying an inflated price. Engineered Timber Flooring is not just superior compared to hybrid flooring in terms of being premium but any other flooring types like laminate and bamboo. Browse our product to find the best hybrid flooring or laminate flooring for your project. Being water-resistant is the most important difference between hybrid flooring and laminate which makes hybrid flooring the first choice for wet areas as it is 100% waterproof.
Both the parties, Karma Flooring for supplying and Wesley for Floor Installation have done such a magnificent job. Hardwood floors are made from solid, natural wood and depending on the kind of floor you want, you can purchase a variety of wood species. Installation typically involves blind-nailing the planks to the subfloor with staples or nails driven at an angle through the tongues along the board’s edges.

We are importers of engineered timber flooring with over 30 years experience. We offer first rate advice and match flooring to your budget and colour choice. Browse our product to find the best hybrid flooring or engineered timber flooring for your project. Your choice will depend upon your budget, use, and other specifics.

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